Become a leader within the community of socially responsible companies in Bulgaria by supporting this declaration.
Declaration of the employers in Bulgaria
We are TimeHeroes - the biggest volunteering platform in Bulgaria.

Our community of volunteers and causes grows constantly and makes the world a better place, one step at a time.

Now, we invite all companies that believe in the power of good - to 'sign' the “Volunteering Matters” declaration and support our mission.

Volunteering Matters Declaration
We, a group of Bulgarian companies and organisations,
Volunteering matters.
Volunteering is a personal cause, but also a valuable experience. Through volunteering, people develop various skills like responsibility, communication, empathy, leadership, and teamwork, amongst others. 
To recognise volunteering experience and take it into consideration when recruiting new employees, as well as to nourish the volunteering culture within our company.
Our employees to support socially important causes with their time, knowledge and professional skills by creating the appropriate volunteering environment in our structure.
Every company which believes that business plays an important role in building a healthy, responsible, and active community, to support this manifesto.
How to sign the declaration?

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Who are we?

We are - the biggest platform for volunteering in Bulgaria.

Our mission is to connect the people who want to help with initiatives that need support. 

TimeHeroes provides information about all active volunteering initiatives in the country and is the main (and often - the only) source of volunteers for the Bulgarian non-government organisations.

At the start of 2021, close to 2,200 initiatives from over 900 organisations and good causes were published on the platform. They have received help from over 80,000 volunteers in more than 250 places in Bulgaria

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